Specialists in the development of systems for mapping, navigation and hydrographic survey.

About Norcom Technology

Norcom Technology Limited was established in 1986 as an independent software company specialising in the development of software and hardware for navigation and Hydrographic survey systems.

Norcom Technology Limited has programmers experienced in C, C++, Visual C, Visual Basic, Java and
Python and already has considerable experience in developing software for navigation purposes.

Norcom has provided systems to cable lay companies, oil companies, Hydrographic survey companies, harbour authorities, dredging companies, freelance Hydrographic surveyors and government
organisations worldwide.

As well as the standard range of software packages the company has developed, Norcom undertakes bespoke software and hardware development to meet individual client needs.

Norcom can provide communication and network systems to complement existing infrastructures or
help plan new systems from the begining, always offering the solution that is best for the customer with various suppport packages.

Norcom also provides technical support and training for its software.

About Meridian Chartware

Meridian Chartware Ltd is a leading software developer of marine navigation systems for personal
computers (who also provide consultation and access to complementary products and services,
as well as undertaking software development projects of all kinds using their experience in C++,
Java, Flash and HTML).

They have developed products under their own brand and for the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) in conjunction with the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and Imray, Laurie, Norie & Wilson Ltd with the
goal of making navigation simpler, safer, quicker and more accurate.

A range of RCDS (Raster Chart Display Software) navigation systems produced by Meridian, offering
different features and services, can be used to read the UKHO's official electronic charting system ARCS (Admiralty Raster Chart Systems) for which Meridian are also an agent. Meridian also produces a range
of Chart Plotters with the same navigational functions and the same UKHO charts (though not in the ARCS format) which are also compatible with Imray's charts, that are primarily intended for leisure users (though equally appealing to some commercial operations), which differentiate themselves based on very flexible,
competitive licences and on price.